Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Comic Capers of Andy Onions

Hello Blog. Today (Saturday) I did a comedy workshop in Camden Town, London and had a great time. Then I had a beer and a crepe, saw some friends and went home for some herbal tea. Then I setup up this blog and a website. It's a cracking start to The Comic Capers of Andy Onions, things can only get better from here on in. Perhaps I'll try and learn how to set the website up, or maybe I'll have another cup of tea. If that tickled your funny bone sign up to twitter, andyonions or @andyonions or whatever it is. I geninuely don't understand it fully - do you put the "@" in or not. Sure it probably doesn't matter.

I'll also be doing some gigs, I'll put them up here when I can work out how to make another page on the site. How can this fail?

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