Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day 3 Busy boy

Hey up. Watched 3 shows yesterday and performed 1 with www.monkeyswithpuns.com check em out, they're here the whole run and are fab :)

Did a last minute gig to cover for a friend. I was on stage 28 minutes after getting the call (i was on my pants at home) - just the way Edinburgh is. Off to write some new stuff and then back out again to flyer on the mount and gig at 1030. 2 gigs tomorrow too - I could get used to this Edinburgh lark :)

Monday, 8 August 2011

An unfortunate incident

I was walking down the street just now listening to my friend practise a great set about feminism and celebrity culture when a bird pooed into my baked potato.

A flat of Edinburgh comics

A bunch of hard working comics for a flatshate if ever I saw one. Left to right Morten, Adam, Scott and Christian. Adam is busily youtubing himself as he has a gig in 2 hours and has forgotten his set. Morten is looking at porn

Edinburgh Day 2

I have been in Edinburgh a total of 12 hrs 24 mins. I have lost 4 gigs but gained 5, been in 4 taxis and done a gig with a top comedy troupe Monkeypuns. Big shout out to my main man Chris Marco K (in the picture) a rising star for the future to be sure! It's a hectic time here but really looking forward to it :)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Day 1

Howdy. I'm on the train up to Edinburgh for the fringe festival. I have just found out that I have lost 4 gigs up here next week due to promoter and venue conspiring to cook up a mis-understanding. Bit of a bummer (the situation not the promoter, she's a girl, sexuality undetermined). Using my contacts to try and get some spots I have now found out I may be gigging 31 minutes after my train arrives into Edinburgh Waverley station tonight and again at midnight. I was prepared to expect some chaos, unpredictable events and randomness but at least thought it would wait till Edinburgh itself. To prep for this holiday I have been drunk the last 3 nights culminating in a yesterday's midnight hottubing on top of a hotel in Soho - just me and 3 girls - great party Charlotte ;)  Happy Onions - more to come from my week at the festival.