Sunday, 7 August 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Day 1

Howdy. I'm on the train up to Edinburgh for the fringe festival. I have just found out that I have lost 4 gigs up here next week due to promoter and venue conspiring to cook up a mis-understanding. Bit of a bummer (the situation not the promoter, she's a girl, sexuality undetermined). Using my contacts to try and get some spots I have now found out I may be gigging 31 minutes after my train arrives into Edinburgh Waverley station tonight and again at midnight. I was prepared to expect some chaos, unpredictable events and randomness but at least thought it would wait till Edinburgh itself. To prep for this holiday I have been drunk the last 3 nights culminating in a yesterday's midnight hottubing on top of a hotel in Soho - just me and 3 girls - great party Charlotte ;)  Happy Onions - more to come from my week at the festival.

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